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BioSET is a non-invasive energy healing modality developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler to clear allergies and other sensitivities that can result in a wide range of symptoms and illnesses. BioSET resets clients’ immune and nervous systems so that they respond normally to substances (various foods, chemicals, molds, etc.) that previously caused them problems.

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How BioSET Desensitization Works

We humans are very complex beings. There is more to us—much more—than meets the eye. Aside from our physical body, with all its chemical processes, each of us has an energy body, something many other cultures and traditions have recognized for a very long time. Chinese medicine, for example, has for centuries characterized the body as a network of invisible pathways called meridians. The twelve major meridians in the body carry life force, or chi, and affect every organ and physiological system in our bodies. Basic biochemistry teaches that all substances, living and non-living, emit energy. The energy of every substance is expressed as a specific frequency or electromagnetic signature, which the body recognizes. As the Theramedix/BioSET website explains:

Sometimes when energy fields come together they don’t interact well and cause conflict. When this happens in the body it causes a cascade of events beginning with the formation of energy blockages within the meridians (pathways where energy flows in the body). Since multiple organs and glands can be on the same energy meridian, these blockages can also affect organ function. These energy blockages will also alert the nervous system, which sends a message to the brain asking the immune system to respond to the threat. In terms of energy medicine, this is the body expressing a sensitivity, which can create a great variety of symptoms.

BioSET is individually tailored to each client, accounting for the fact that everyone is different and the way symptoms and illness manifest depend on each individual’s genetic make-up, environmental exposures, and life experience. Muscle testing, a way of communicating directly with the body, is used to identify what the client is reacting to, what part of the body is affected, and any other contributing factor. The treatment then clears the blockage to the offending substance by gently stimulating acupuncture points along the spine.

Some Condidtions BioSET Has Helped

• Food allergies and sensitivities
• Chemical and environmental sensitivities
• Asthma
• Acid reflux
• Arthritis
• Candida
• Childhood illnesses or recurring infections
• IBS, leaky gut syndrome, and other chronic digestive disorders
• Eczema
• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Fibromyalgia
• Headaches and migraines
• Herpes virus
• High blood pressure or high cholesterol
• Lupus and other autoimmune disorders
• Menopausal symptoms and PMS
• Thyroid disorders

This is a partial list. Many other conditions are listed on the Theramedix / BioSET website.                                           


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