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The Emotion Code and The Body Code

The Emotion Code, and The Body Code approch health and wellness from a completely different paradigm and see illness as a manifestation of energetic stress, blockages, and imbalances in the body. These protocols utilize your own body’s wisdom to identify specifically what is causing the energetic problem so that it can be cleared. In this way, the Emotion Code and The Body Code peel away layers of energetic stress, imbalances, and blockages so that the body can heal itself.


The Emotion Code

Our emotional history can play a significant role in whether we get sick and how easily and quickly we bounce back. The Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, identifies and clears specific negative emotional energies that have become trapped in a person’s energy field over the course of his or her life. Trapped emotions can profoundly affect our physical and emotional health as well as our ability to meet our life’s goals.


The Body Code
The Body Code identifies and corrects a wide range of energetic imbalaces that contribute to many kinds of physical and emotional problems. By releasing deeply embedded emotional energies, correcting blocked meridians, chakras, and other energetic imbalances, The Body Code restores the health of the energy body, which supports the physical body. The Body Code also identifies and clears energies associated with physical probems like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and structural weakness.

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