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About Karen Charman

I am a BioSET Practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Body Code Practitioner, and Certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner. I began my BioSET training in 2010 with Dr. Debra Singer of Healing Arts and Chiropractic in Albany, NY, which is one of the places I see clients. I did my Emotion Code and Body Code training and certification through originator Bradley Nelson's organization beginning in 2016. I completed my EFT certification through EFT Universe in 2018.

These energy healing modalities bring together my nearly lifelong interest in health, my passion for a clean environment, decades of experience researching and writing about various environmental and health issues, and my conviction that there is much that we can do to heal and safeguard our own health.
I am awed and honored to be doing this work. Here’s a little bit about how I got here.


Formative Influences

Growing up in Los Angeles when brown, hazy air was much more common than it is today, my interest in health and our environment was sparked at an early age and is deeply ingrained in my being. In my teens, long before being green was popular, I became a passionate advocate and eater of organic, healthy food. I also found the various environmental assaults of air and water pollution, forest clear-cutting, driftnet fishing, and proliferating toxic contamination deeply disturbing.

During that time, I was profoundly affected by the social injustices against Native Americans, African Americans, and women, which I was learning about in my history and social studies classes at school. I felt strongly that the world could be a better place, and though I didn’t yet know what I would do, I knew I wanted to do something to make the world better.


Researching and Writing

After earning a BA in Communication Studies from UCLA, I lived in New Zealand for nearly 10 years. I became an agricultural journalist there and learned a lot about farming, the food supply, the health and environmental impacts of modern industrial agriculture, and the many powerful political and economic forces that combine to create and maintain the industrial food system. I also learned about more environmentally friendly farming methods like organic and biodynamic agriculture.

In the early 1990s, I returned to the U.S. and headed to New York to get my Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. I continued writing about agriculture for publications in New Zealand and the U.S. and was one of the first journalists providing in-depth coverage of genetically engineered food in this country. As time went on, my research and writing expanded to cover nuclear power and the dangers of radiation; pesticides and chemical contamination; and more recently, fracking and global warming (climate destabilization).

Environmental Illness

In late 1993 while reporting on a pesticides conference in Washington, D.C., I met some people suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Three years later my own immune system started going haywire after having moved into a newly renovated apartment in northern Manhattan that was outgassing toxins from the freshly painted walls and oil-based varnish on the wood floors in every room. I began reacting to virtually all foods and developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, persistent fatigue and brain fog, and a host of other symptoms. Though I didn’t know very much about environmental illness at the time, I knew from the chemically sensitive people I had met and others I began to read about that if I wasn’t able to restrict my exposures to the various things that were making me sick, I could get much, much sicker.

I bought air filters for the apartment and the car, water filters for the kitchen tap and shower, and began a strict food rotation diet to help minimize the various digestive, skin, and respiratory reactions I was experiencing. When I learned that the inside of our apartment building was going to be repainted in the summer of 1997, I went to Ithaca and began seeing an acupuncturist who practiced NAET, the precursor to BioSET, which was helping someone I had met at an environmental medicine doctor’s office earlier that year.

For many years, I had known that I was allergic to gluten and dairy, so soy had become a large part of my diet. But after I developed leaky gut syndrome, soy caused some of my worst food reactions. When I ate soy, within minutes my stomach would bloat and I’d have terribly painful cramps. After one NAET treatment for soy, that reaction never happened again. That experience demonstrated how powerful this kind of energy work is in helping to cope with these kinds of health issues, and I knew that this would be my path to wellness.

Healing With BioSET

My journey with BioSET began in 2000, when I went to see Dr. Singer in Albany after moving to the Catskills. Although she had begun her work in this area with NAET, she found BioSET more effective and switched. Over time, my digestive problems, skin reactions, and the sensitivities I had developed to the long list of foods and chemicals disappeared, as did the fibromyalgia and brain fog. Today my health is strong.

My own BioSET treatments and experience treating others continues to demonstrate that the bodies of each and every one of us contains detailed knowledge about what is energetically blocked and what needs to be cleared in order to alleviate the associated symptoms. Sometimes the energetic blockages related to various symptoms are predictable, while other times they aren’t. But the body knows.

I’ve also learned that practically anything—a food, a chemical, a nutrient, a pathogen, electromagnetic energy, an emotion, a person, or a memory of an unpleasant or traumatic event, to name just a few—can create symptom-causing energetic blockages. Because everyone is different, the things triggering their blockages are different. I love figuring out what needs to be treated and using BioSET, The Emotion Code/Body Code, and EFT to clear the energetic imbalances so that the client’s body can heal itself.


Healing blessings on your path to wellness! I would be honored to assist you along the way.

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