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I received weekly BioSET treatments from Karen Charman for 4 months. The results she has achieved are remarkable!

Prior to her treatment, throughout my life I had often suffered with disabling motion sickness, which prevented me from doing many activities that most people take for granted. I could not ride in a bus, or the back seat of a car, or in a boat of any kind, including a canoe, without taking medication. The side effects of the motion sickness medication affected me for days, so I tried to avoid these activities. Swimming or snorkeling caused motion sickness, and even the smoothest of airplane trips was a nightmare! Without the medication I was reduced to lying down, sometimes on the floor, wishing I could just die to relieve the misery.

Karen’s BioSET treatments made a striking difference after just a few weeks. I found I was able to go on a long car trip, with many winding roads, feeling only a mild tension headache, which was not a problem. Then on a subsequent car trip from New York to Florida, I was able to read maps, look through bags on the floor, and ride in rear seats of vehicles, none of which I dared do before!

I then found I could swim in the ocean or pool with no ill effects, and on my return I did the unthinkable—I rode on a swing set, and snow-tubed down Hunter Mountain with the family. No problem!

I feel I have put the results of Karen’s BioSET treatments to the test in doing activities that would surely have precipitated symptoms. The slight temporary headaches are a sign that my body is still feeling stress from the repeated motion, but so far there is no recurrence of the “sick” feeling that was so disabling.

BioSET is a unique modality, and I found Karen to be a rare practitioner—intuitive, empathetic, and detail-oriented. She is exceptionally thorough, and double-checks her work for effectiveness and safety. I felt that she always made my needs her first priority! She is an excellent communicator, with a warm and supportive manner. I recommend her highly as a BioSET practitioner, and also for EFT and Body Code, which are the first modalities she had treated me with, on a variety of problems, with impressive results!

Vivian Welton, Phoenicia, NY

I'm only partway through my journey to better health with Karen and my BioSET treatments, but I have already experienced major improvements and am very grateful and amazed. Having suffered from asthma for over a decade, I would have never thought it possible to exist without using my inhaler daily—and yet, I recently was able to go two entire weeks without it!

Karen is one of the kindest, most compassionate, intuitive people I've ever met. She truly makes you feel like a close friend rather than just a client or patient, and celebrates even your smallest victories right along with you. It's obvious how much she loves and wholeheartedly believes in what she does, and her dedication to helping others always shines through in her work. Her treatments are totally guided by my own specific, unique needs at each appointment. This is very important to me—I currently have a multitude of allergies and sensitivities, and the severity of each varies from week to week. Karen knows exactly which ones to prioritize at each session. She has even introduced me to energy healing, and taught me valuable exercises to use daily in conjunction with my current health routine. This experience has been like a gradual mind/body makeover, and I can't wait to see the end results!

With Karen's help and endless support, I have not only gained more confidence in my body's ability to heal itself, but have taken great steps forward in freeing myself from personal issues I have been struggling with for years. And, I have also gained a great friend. These things, to me, are priceless.

Thank you so much Karen!

Sharon Markwardt, Fultonville, NY

I had my first Emotion and Body Code session with Karen in July 2016, and it has put me on the fast track for personal growth that I had long since been on for decades. I'm 48 years old and divorced. I have tried so many activities and services over the years to change my behavior and outlook to increase my passion for life. In the past I have tried accupuncture, zero balancing, Thai yoga massage, running, singing bowl meditation, yoga, hot yoga, network spinal analysis, Co-dependency No More self help groups, Christ in Action, Theophostic Prayer Ministry, group counseling, bible studies, pilates, boxing, kickboxing, breathwork, meditation, and the list goes on and on. With all of these practices I gained limited success, and I have felt I have always moved forward at a slow, glacial pace.

Since my 16 sessions with Karen I can say I am a different person. She has cleared my heart wall, which I think was the main obstacle blocking me from reaching a new level of self love. I am currently experiencing my best self to date. The more I am able to love myself, the more love I have to give to others and the world. Also the more I give out, the more that comes back to me. I have the best life now. The more I say that and the more I think that, the more it becomes my truth. I've changed my story and I've changed my life. Don't get me wrong, I still have bad days, but they are fewer and farther in between and don't last as long as they use to.

I am so excited to find out what other positive experiences and opportunities await me in life. This growth and change has all been possible with working with Karen in her Colonie location and at the Honest Weight Food Co-op space in Albany. It is truly amazing work. I was skeptical at first with being asked repeatedly "hold" but am now a true believer that "the Body Does Know.”

Last year I was battling skin hives repeatedly and unable to find the source. Now I am able to pinpoint it to being in a relationship that was not healthy for me. It was my body trying to tell me there is something wrong here. I have since left that relationship and the hives stopped. Currently I have found a new relationship in which I am feeling safe and am thriving in.

Thank you Karen for taking me on this special journey.

Rosanna Rappazzo, Albany, NY

I had the good fortune of being a client of Karen's Emotion Code therapy. In one session I had remembered significant events of my early childhood that had profound effects on my present fears and behaviors. She helped me bring it to light. A wise man once said, We live life going forward, we understand it looking back. Karen's techniques bring the past to light in a way that you could not understand going forward.

Alan Fliegel, Phoenicia, NY

I am so grateful to Karen Charman for her incredible energy work, BioSET. Karen understood that I was not feeling well, and she invited me to participate with her in her new and exciting BioSET practice.

Before visiting Karen, I had been experiencing regularly (once a month over the course of a year) a series of excruciating stomach attacks and discomfort. I was undergoing tests from gastroenterologists, such as endoscopy as well as blood tests that covered the gamut. All results came out negative.

Karen’s treatment was so different than anything I had ever experienced before. I lay down, felt so very relaxed, and extended my arm, while she handed me one vial after another and asked “Is this what Jane needs?” and similar questions, while my arm stayed firm under her touch or descended, determining the answers and solutions to my stomach problem.

I visited Karen three times over the course of a couple of months. The first time I saw her was after a terribly painful stomach reaction that began some evenings before. Like the other attacks, it endured for a long period—this time throughout the night and into the next day. Though my stomach was still tender when I arrived for the appointment, I felt better by the time I left. Throughout the times of my visits to her, I experienced no more stomach attacks and have not had any since.

Karen advised me to continue to take it easy with my diet, but that gradually, I could add foods that I thought might be disturbing to my system to see how well I could tolerate them. I have been doing so with no ill effects.

I am amazed that Karen’s understanding touch with her BioSET energy work has helped me recover from that horrendous and frightening discomfort I had been experiencing.

I highly recommend Karen Charman as a skilled practitioner of BioSET.

Jane Toby, Catskill, NY

I saw Karen Charman because I was having severe allergic reactions on my face whenever I ate bread and pasta. It was so bad I would get huge pimples and hives that itched like crazy. Before I learned this was from bread, I went to many doctors and dermatologists over 10 years, and not one medical doctor could find why I was breaking out in hives. They told me: "Live with it, it’s adult acne, here’s hydrocortisone..." It was only after doing (regrettably) the Atkins Diet, which doesn’t allow any carbohydrates, and more recently Ann Wigmore RAW (wonderful), which is no bread too, that my face cleared.

But, I love bread and pasta. So now that I knew what was causing the breakouts, I did extensive Internet research and found NAET, a similar discipline as BioSET. After 2 treatments my bread and pasta allergy disappeared for about a year. But with NAET you have to get any bread and pasta out of the house for 2 days. I found a can of soup in my refrigerator months after my NAET treatment...maybe that was why the allergy returned?

Now, enter BioSET. With BioSET treatments, you don’t have to avoid allergens or have them out of your house, as you are cleared of allergens during your treatment. I have been treated by Karen a number of times, and I must say my face looks like a baby’s tushy.

Energy healing is an amazing, truly awesome process. After she cleared me of bread, about two weeks later my face broke out again. I just ate pizza the other night—it must be back again. She tested me for other things, and crab came up as an allergen. Crab? But I just ate pizza...but then after some thought, I remembered yes, I had eaten a can of crab with the pizza.

That was three weeks ago. Last night—yet again—I ate crab and bread rolls, topped off with 3 slices of pizza. How's my face—you may ask? ...Just like a baby’s tushy.

Joel T., Gardiner, NY

I met Karen Charman at a recent event. She told me about BioSET and how it works. Thank goodness she gave me her business card, because the very next day while landscaping my property, my allergies to grass and pollens really began acting up. Late that afternoon I took a chance and called her. Karen told me to come right over. She changed her plans for the evening and spent several hours treating me. By the time I left, I felt amazing, and the next day I was able to continue my landscaping without any ill effects. I know I will be back to see her if I have any other allergy problems. I cannot speak highly enough about Karen’s skills and professionalism.

Thomas Bunting, Phoenicia, NY  

The work that Karen did with me was transformational. I left the session with a deep sense of relief and an emotional release that brought me heightened peace of mind and feelings of love and acceptance.

Elaine Silver, www.elainesilver.com
International Recording and Touring Artist


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