Abundance and Money Blocks

Are you struggling to pay your bills? Are there things in your life you would like to do but feel they are financially out of reach? Are you stuck in a job or profession you don’t like but don’t dare leave because you need the money? Have you tried various business ventures or different ways to earn money, but nothing ever works out? Do you feel you just aren’t “good with money” or that money and financial security will always elude you?

Recurring patterns, including those concerning abundance, money, and financial security, often result from subconscious limiting beliefs and various kinds of energetic disturbances that can prevent us from being able to manifest what we consciously yearn for. Using The Body Code and EFT, we can uncover and release those limiting beliefs and energetic imbalances in order to bring our conscious and subconscious mind into harmony with our goals.


Body Code Abundance Breakthrough Program

The Body Code has a special protocol for working with abundance and money blocks. It starts with an assessment of your goals and how aligned you currently are with them. I also test for the degree to which you are in states of stagnation and lack. We then identify both the negative beliefs that may be holding you back as well as the positive beliefs that test weak but would be beneficial for you to fully embrace. The idea is that as we uncover these issues, their underlying reasons, and then release them, this clears the invisible barriers preventing you from reaching your goals.

I offer a package of five sessions, which includes an initial evaluation and assessment, four clearing sessions, and a re-evaluation.

EFT  and Abundance

EFT can also be a powerful tool for identifying and clearing the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that underpin and maintain your sense of limitation.

EFT Universe head, Dawson Church, identifies six primary problem areas around abundance. They are:

  1. Negative self-talk
  2. Self-sabotaging behaviors
  3. Limiting core beliefs
  4. Childhood experiences of lack and limitation
  5. Comfort zones
  6. A low "set point" for maximum abundance

With EFT we can delve into each of these areas and release the negative emotional baggage around them to help you create the abundance and wealth you desire in your life.


Money is such a charged issue for so many people. Besides creating lots of stress, emotional imbalances around money can also destroy relationships and fuel long-lasting grudges and ill will. Whatever your issues around money and abundance, I would be honored to help you clear away the limiting beliefs and hidden imbalances holding you back from your dreams in this area of your life.

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