EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping

What is EFT?

EFT, commonly known as “tapping,” is a powerful energy healing method that can help relieve all kinds of emotional stress, which often plays a significant role in our health, our happiness, and our ability to achieve what we want in our lives.

Here are just a few examples of some of the issues I have seen quickly resolve with just one EFT session:

A woman came to see me who is estranged from her family and had recently connected online with a sister who was adopted out of the family before she was born. My client was thrilled to find her, had flown across the country to meet her, and had a wonderful weekend with her. But then when the newfound sister connected with her other siblings, she became distant, cold, and accusatory. This deeply upset my client, and she was consumed by grief about feeling so isolated from her family. By the end of our session, her despair over this situation evaporated, and she left feeling grounded and empowered. 


A health-conscious man came in who was deeply ashamed of his inability to stop himself from sneaking to buy and eat large bags of store bought cookies, a behavior he had been engaging in for several years that was getting worse. He identified this as a sugar addiction. By the end of the session, he felt no craving for sugar or cookies. Several weeks later he reported he had not bought any cookies or other sweets nor felt the need to.


A woman came in with persistent pain in her neck and left shoulder following a car accident 16 years before. Physical therapy and chiropractic treatments initially helped but did not fully resolve her pain. We tapped on her feelings of helplessness and anger, mainly about having to fight with her insurance company to get the care she needed. By the end of the session, her pain was completely gone and remains gone.


A man came to see me complaining of nightmares that would leave him exhausted and anxious when he woke up. This had been going on for several years, and nothing he tried alleviated his bad dreams. After one session, the nightmares stopped. It’s been more than a year since that session, and he has not had one nightmare.



I’ve made more progress in just a few weeks working with Karen using EFT than I have in years of therapy and beating my head against the obstacles I encounter in life. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

—Jennifer H., Conway, AR

I had bad dreams for as long as I can remember. I would wake up exhausted, scared, and sweating, afraid to try to fall back asleep. After one EFT session with Karen focusing on this problem, I haven’t had one nightmare. That was over a year ago. 

My dreams are much less disturbing now. If something unpleasant crops up, I can find resolution while still asleep inside the dream. I wake up feeling much more rested. This is a huge improvement in my life. Thank you, Karen!

 —Austin C., New York, NY


I am grateful that I crossed paths with Karen when I did. That was almost two years ago, when I could no longer tolerate nor make sense of my body's response to my environment. My emotional state was overloaded, my mind was a foggy speedway and my physical body was fully charged. I was a walking antenna, picking up electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) everywhere I went. It was debilitating and scary.

The fact that I did not have to convince Karen that I REALLY was sick was disarming. The symptoms I described were not strange or bizarre to her, which was such a relief. She spoke briefly of her own and similar experience with environmental sensitivities with a clear understanding of the complexities I am dealing with.

So much of healing is just being heard. The other huge factor is empathy. Karen is big on empathy, and she offers a much-needed caring and gentle approach to the whole experience. In our first session, she introduced me to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping. I was surprised at the simplicity of it and the power of self-healing it provided.

The results of that first EFT session were immediate! I remember waving goodbye to years of weight and baggage as it fluttered up to the nearby trees. So began the years of slowly stripping away the emotional, mental, physical, and technological layers that are harming me.

Soon after, Karen introduced me to BioSET, another way of releasing the build-up of internal toxins. As our natural environment becomes more toxic, our bodies will struggle to fight off and/or adapt to the many known and unknown dangers around us. It is reassuring to know that there are people like Karen out there, two steps ahead of us.

Robin P., rural VT

These real life examples of deep family pain, uncontrollable sugar cravings, chronic pain, and persistent nightmares illustrate the power of EFT to resolve a wide variety of issues. Although the issues are very different, what they had in common were specific negative emotional associations that each of these clients had around their issue.

How Does EFT Work?

EFT founder Gary Craig defines negative emotional reactions as manifestations of blockages in a person’s energy system. EFT practitioners are taught that the blockages causing the emotional upset can be released—often quickly and permanently—by focusing on the upsetting feelings, event, or memory while tapping on specific meridian points on the hands, face, and body.

Tapping on the meridian points accesses the body’s energy system and sends calming signals to the part of the brain that controls stress, lowering levels of cortisol, one of the key stress hormones. This allows the body’s stress response to relax, while neutralizing the negative emotions clients feel about their issue, ultimately restoring balance to their disrupted energy field. According to The EFT Manual, EFT also modifies the way the brain processes emotional information.

EFT can be helpful for so many different kinds of problems, because the vast majority of issues people deal with have a stress component.

More Issues EFT Can Help With

  •        Physical problems that seem to have no solution
  •        Weight loss, cravings, and body image
  •        Sleep problems
  •        Procrastination
  •        Inability to focus or get things done
  •        Test or performance anxiety
  •        Creative blocks
  •        Difficulty at work
  •        Money/abundance issues
  •        Relationship issues and inability to find a compatible, loving, and supportive partner
  •        Persistent feelings of fear, anxiousness, sadness, and unworthiness
  •        And more!


How Many Sessions Will it Take?

As the examples at the top of this page show, EFT can achieve dramatic results quickly. But everyone is different, and the number of sessions needed to resolve any particular issue depends on how many triggers or different aspects there are to the issue. Another consideration is a person’s level of sensitivity. In some cases, it is best to approach issues gently, which can take longer.

Whatever your goals, I would be delighted to help you achieve them!


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