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I would love to meet you and can work with you in person in Phoencia, New York.

If you live far away, we can work remotely over Zoom, or the phone. Zoom is a free videoconferencing service, and if you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for one here:

I offer another option for Emotion Code/Body Code sessions. If you find it hard to schedule a specific time for a session, or if you live in a time zone that would make it difficult for us to meet, I can do the session without you present and then email you what I cleared. Because there are no boundaries between energy fields, this is just as effective as working in person. As long as I have your permission, I can access your field as if we were working in person.

Sessions are 60 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

All remote sessions must be paid in advance with Zelle (preferred), Venmo, or PayPal.


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Sliding scale available upon request. Call or email Karen to discuss.

Ph: 845-688-2977




I started experiencing odd health dysfunctions in my 30s, beginning with airborne allergies. After I moved a few times and stress in my life increased, I began reacting to foods as well. I tried allergy treatments using Western medicine, but they made me worse. I worked with a very knowledgeable holistic practitioner for a decade, and my system reached a workable stasis point. I had a list of foods I could eat and those I could not. 

Cancellation Policy

In order to be fair to all my clients and offer times that work for everyone, I require notice of 48 hours to cancel a scheduled appointment, except in the case of an emergency.


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Phone: (845)688-2977


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