What is BioSET?

BioSET is a non-invasive energy healing modality developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, which can be particularly helpful in relieving food intolerances, environmental sensitivities, and a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms.

BioSET is rooted in the principles of Chinese Medicine, which define wellness as balanced energy flow through a network of invisible channels called meridians. According to Chinese Medicine theory, these unseen pathways carry life force energy, or chi, to every organ and physiological system in the body. Exposure to various things can obstruct the flow of chi through the energy system. The goal of BioSET is to correct the energetic disharmony.

How Does BioSET Work?

Basic biochemistry teaches that all matter, living and non-living, emits energy. The energy of every substance is expressed as a specific frequency or electromagnetic signature, which the body, through the subconscious mind, can recognize.

But sometimes the energetic signature of, say, a food, dust, an animal, or a chemical, for example, can clash with a person’s energy field. This energetic conflict can create blockages somewhere in the meridian system, which can manifest as various kinds of emotional distress or physical discomfort like digestive trouble, feeling tired all the time, skin rashes, itchy eyes, or any number of other reactions.

BioSET works on the premise that everyone is different, so the sessions are individually tailored. Using muscle testing, I am guided by each client’s subconscious, which holds the information about what is out of balance and how it is expressed. The incompatible energy is then cleared through the meridian system by gently stimulating acupressure points along the spine. This can reset the client’s energy field and resolve the energetic conflict, which typically reduces or eliminates the unpleasant reactions.

How Many Sessions Will it Take?

In my experience, the number of sessions to resolve an issue depends on how many issues the client wants to work on, how many layers of energetic stress contribute to the issue(s), and how much a client is able to clear in any individual session. I have seen troublesome issues disappear in one session, but often it takes more.



I received weekly BioSET sessions from Karen Charman for 4 months. The results she has achieved are remarkable!

Prior to her BioSET sessions, throughout my life I had often suffered with disabling motion sickness, which prevented me from doing many activities that most people take for granted. I could not ride in a bus, or the back seat of a car, or in...

I am so grateful to Karen Charman for her incredible energy work, BioSET.

Before visiting Karen, I had been experiencing regularly (once a month over the course of a year) a series of excruciating stomach attacks and discomfort. I was undergoing tests from gastroenterologists, such as endoscopy, as well as blood tests that covered the gamut. All results came out negative...

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