I received weekly BioSET sessions from Karen Charman for 4 months. The results she has achieved are remarkable!

Prior to her BioSET sessions, throughout my life I had often suffered with disabling motion sickness, which prevented me from doing many activities that most people take for granted. I could not ride in a bus, or the back seat of a car, or in a boat of any kind, including a canoe, without taking medication. The side effects of the motion sickness medication affected me for days, so I tried to avoid these activities. Swimming or snorkeling caused motion sickness, and even the smoothest of airplane trips was a nightmare! Without the medication I was reduced to lying down, sometimes on the floor, wishing I could just die to relieve the misery.

Karen’s BioSET sessions made a striking difference after just a few weeks. I found I was able to go on a long car trip, with many winding roads, feeling only a mild tension headache, which was not a problem. Then on a subsequent car trip from New York to Florida, I was able to read maps, look through bags on the floor, and ride in rear seats of vehicles, none of which I dared do before!

I then found I could swim in the ocean or pool with no ill effects, and on my return I did the unthinkable—I rode on a swing set, and snow-tubed down Hunter Mountain with the family. No problem!

I feel I have put the results of Karen’s BioSET sessions to the test in doing activities that would surely have precipitated symptoms. The slight temporary headaches are a sign that my body is still feeling stress from the repeated motion, but so far there is no recurrence of the “sick” feeling that was so disabling.

BioSET is a unique modality, and I found Karen to be a rare practitioner—intuitive, empathetic, and detail-oriented. She is exceptionally thorough, and I felt that she always made my needs her first priority! She is an excellent communicator, with a warm and supportive manner. I recommend her highly as a BioSET practitioner, and also for EFT and Body Code, which are the first modalities she had worked on me with, on a variety of problems, with impressive results!

—Vivian Welton, Phoenicia, NY



I am so grateful to Karen Charman for her incredible energy work, BioSET.

Before visiting Karen, I had been experiencing regularly (once a month over the course of a year) a series of excruciating stomach attacks and discomfort. I was undergoing tests from gastroenterologists, such as endoscopy, as well as blood tests that covered the gamut. All results came out negative.

I visited Karen three times over the course of a couple of months. The first time I saw her was after a terribly painful stomach reaction that began some evenings before. Like the other attacks, it endured for a long period—this time throughout the night and into the next day. Though my stomach was still tender when I arrived for the appointment, I felt better by the time I left. Throughout the times of my visits to her, I experienced no more stomach attacks and have not had any since.

Karen advised me to continue to take it easy with my diet, but that gradually, I could add foods that I thought might be disturbing to my system to see how well I could tolerate them. I have been doing so with no ill effects.

I am amazed that Karen’s understanding touch with her BioSET energy work has helped me recover from that horrendous and frightening discomfort I had been experiencing.

I highly recommend Karen Charman as a skilled practitioner of BioSET.

 —Jane Toby, Catskill, NY



I met Karen Charman, at a recent event. She told me about BioSET and how it works. Thank goodness she gave me her business card, because the very next day while landscaping my property, my sensitivities to grass and pollens really began acting up. Late that afternoon I took a chance and called her. Karen told me to come right over.

By the time I left, I felt amazing, and the next day I was able to continue my landscaping without any ill effects. I cannot speak highly enough about Karen’s skills and professionalism.

 —Thomas Bunting, Phoenicia, NY.

Emotion Code/Body Code

Karen helped me with escalating panic attacks that came on every time I drove on a highway ramp, steep mountain road, or high bridge. They were so bad I thought I was going to die. She was able to clear this in four Body Code sessions.

Karen is great to work with, and her sessions are money well spent!

—Juanita E., Lexington, SC


I started experiencing odd health dysfunctions in my 30s, beginning with airborne allergies. Then later, I began reacting to foods as well. I tried allergy treatments using Western medicine, but they made me worse. I worked with a very knowledgeable holistic practitioner for a decade, and my system reached a workable stasis point. I had a list of foods I could eat and those I could not. But despite trying every alternative trick and process I could find, I continued to suffer each spring and fall. Nothing worked 100% for me, and every allergy season, at a minimum, I ended up with a sinus infection and laryngitis. This was a problem, since I am a general music teacher for grades K-5 and a singer with singing responsibilities. I couldn’t tolerate antihistamines, and I even began reacting to Flonase, which several doctors told me was “impossible.” I gave up trying to have doctors figure out “what was wrong.”

While I had had ups and downs in my life, I was, and still am, a basically happy person. I didn’t have a traumatic childhood or other life horrors so many have to overcome. Fast forward to my 50s. I had finally met and married the love of my life. The only downside was that he had a lot of serious chronic health issues. He passed away four years ago after waiting for a kidney transplant that didn’t come. The stress of his prolonged health situation followed by losing him pushed me over a breaking point. Two years after he died, while experiencing escalating job stress, I started reacting to my “good” food list and became more and more reactive to everything around me. I could no longer respond to normal job stresses and stimuli without getting completely depleted. I had no energy to do anything beyond what I HAD to do, unless I had been off from school for at least a week. I was down to a handful of foods I could safely eat, and two of those were salt and olive oil!

This time when I needed help, I found Karen, and I’m thankful every day that I did. We have been primarily working with BioSET and The Body Code. Some of what she clears seems obvious, but many of the clearings are for things I never knew were affecting me. It’s as though I had been walking around like Marley’s ghost in “A Christmas Carol,” and Karen’s use of BioSET and The Body Code are allowing those chains to fall off me.

I wanted to live the second half of my life without any of the issues that had weighed me down in the first half. With Karen’s help, I am getting there! My physical symptoms are easing, I am responding much better to stress and difficult situations. I am now also able to eat some of the foods I lost over the past two years. I am very excited at the prospect of being able to eat a normal, healthy diet! If I have a new weird thing my body presents, it is my system’s way of jumping up and down saying “Clear me next! My turn! My turn!,” and Karen resolves the issue with either BioSET or The Body Code.

I feel Karen’s knowledge base, experience, and compassion are a very rare combination. Her sessions are full of insight, support, and as much good will as a person can give.

—Joan O., New Paltz, NY 


I’ve made more progress in just a few weeks working with Karen using EFT than I have in years of therapy and beating my head against the obstacles I encounter in life. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

—Jennifer H., Conway, AR



I had bad dreams for as long as I can remember. I would wake up exhausted, scared, and sweating, afraid to try to fall back asleep. After one EFT session with Karen focusing on this problem, I haven’t had one nightmare. That was over a year ago. 

My dreams are much less disturbing now. If something unpleasant crops up, I can find resolution while still asleep inside the dream. I wake up feeling much more rested. This is a huge improvement in my life. Thank you, Karen!

 —Austin C., New York, NY



I am grateful that I crossed paths with Karen when I did. That was almost two years ago, when I could no longer tolerate nor make sense of my body's response to my environment. My emotional state was overloaded, my mind was a foggy speedway and my physical body was fully charged. I was a walking antenna, picking up electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) everywhere I went. It was debilitating and scary.

The fact that I did not have to convince Karen that I REALLY was sick was disarming. The symptoms I described were not strange or bizarre to her, which was such a relief. She spoke briefly of her own and similar experience with environmental sensitivities with a clear understanding of the complexities I am dealing with.

So much of healing is just being heard. The other huge factor is empathy. Karen is big on empathy, and she offers a much-needed caring and gentle approach to the whole experience. In our first session, she introduced me to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping. I was surprised at the simplicity of it and the power of self-healing it provided.

The results of that first EFT session were immediate! I remember waving goodbye to years of weight and baggage as it fluttered up to the nearby trees. So began the years of slowly stripping away the emotional, mental, physical, and technological layers that are harming me.

Soon after, Karen introduced me to BioSET, another way of releasing the build-up of internal toxins. As our natural environment becomes more toxic, our bodies will struggle to fight off and/or adapt to the many known and unknown dangers around us. It is reassuring to know that there are people like Karen out there, two steps ahead of us.

Robin P., rural VT


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